It seems these days that you cannot turn on the TV without seeing a celebrity marketing Medicare plans. The commercials seen everyday on TV, Facebook, Mail, or Phone Calls most are promising benefits that are not available in all areas or zip codes. The plans they are marketing are called Medicare Advantage Plans. Let’s do a deep dive into what the commercial is talking about.

Medicare Advantage Plans are a privatized Medicare option, also known as Part C. These plans replace your Original Medicare Part A and Part B, and many offer additional benefits. You will still need to pay your Medicare Part B premiums.

There can be significant benefits added to these plans such as:
  1. Out of Pocket Maximum
  2. Dental Vision and Hearing Coverage (typically it is just 2 cleanings per year and you must use a Network Dentist)
  3. Over-The-Counter Medication benefits
  4. Food Card
  5. Part B Premium Giveback

Now that you know a little about Medicare Advantage Plans, What is Joe Namath talking about?

The ads talk about a few things. They Reference:

  1. Rides to Medical Appointments
  2. Private Home Aides
  3. Doctor’s and Nurse’s visits by phone
  4. Home Delivered Meals
  5. Dental, Vision and Hearing
  6. Prescription Drug Delivery to the home

Namath claims that by calling the number advertised, an agent offered to enroll him in a plan that includes all these benefits.

However, the only plans that include all of those benefits are typically Dual Special Needs Medicare Advantage Plans that a Medicare beneficiary must qualify for through extreme low income and Medicaid qualifications. If you are a person who qualifies for any level of Medicaid, these benefits might be available to you. If you do not, you still might qualify for a Medicare Advantage Plan with some of these benefits.

Below are the income levels to qualify for what Medicaid:

If you believe you qualify for any of these benefits based on your income or you would like to learn more about the Medicare Advantage plans in your zip code. Please feel free to schedule a time to speak with me and I will explain all the benefits available in your area.