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Medicare Supplement Plans

Are you paying to much for your Medicare Supplement?

Complete the set of questions to see if you qualify for a lower Medicare Supplement monthly premium.  Your information is not submitted to any company until we complete a One-on-One Consultation! Save Money Now!

Lower My Medicare Supplement Rate

Medicare Supplement Plans 


Medicare Supplement Plans can be changed at any time during the year. Medicare Supplement plans are underwritten by private insurance companies. 

Do I Have to Take a medical exam?

Medigap insurance companies are generally allowed
to use medical underwriting to decide whether to accept your application and how much to charge you for the Medigap policy. Complete our questionaire to learn if you qualify. 

Why should I shop plans?

There can be big differences in the premiums that different insurance companies charge for exactly the same coverage.

Medicare Supplement Plans are Standardized

When comparing Medicare Supplement Plans, make sure you are comparing the price of a Plan G to a Plan G, from company to company. 

What Happens After I complete the questionaire?

We will complete the application process and wait for approval. Upon approval, we will notify you to cancel your current Medicare Supplement plan with your current carrier. We do not advise to cancel any policy until we have an approval and the policy is issued. 

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