Your Wishes. Your Way

A Final Expense Whole Life insurance policy can help your loved ones carry out your final wishes.

Planning ahead is smart especially when loved ones are concerned. Whole Life Insurance is one way for you to help protect loved ones during a difficult time. Families could have to make several important decisions soon after the death of a loved one. Along with those decisions, expenses from burial planning, debt balances, and out-of-pocket health care bills can quickly add up.

Planning for tomorrow, today

A funeral can be one of the largest family expenses. On average a funeral can cost $7,360 or more, not including the cemetery plot, tombstone, and other related fees. While there is a belief that cremation is a far less expensive option, data shows that the cost is only 15% less than the traditional funeral. Social Security benefits pay only $255.00 to qualified dependents and the Veteran’s Administration benefit offers only $300. The majority of U.S. health care costs rise in the final phase of life, and living with fatal chronic illnesses have the highest costs associated with the treatments.

No one likes to think about this now

Early planning can give you peace of mind knowing that you have taken care of your final expenses, so your loved ones don’t have to. This is why final expense insurance was created. A Final Expense whole life insurance plan can help minimize the emotional and financial burden a loss could have on your family. It can help fund your final wishes by providing a cash payment made directly to your beneficiaries. There is no medical exam required for this product and premiums will not increase as long as premiums are paid.

Financial Obligations after passing

Purchasing a Final Expense insurance plan now can help take the strain off of those left to cover the costs after a passing. It can allow you to make choices, plans, and decisions on what is appropriate for you. And, it can help provide funding for your family when it is needed the most.

A plan that helps provide peace of mind to those we love.