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Grow Tax-Free Wealth through an IUL Policy

Index Universal Life Insurance is a permanent life insurance policy that ties up the cash value of your premiums to stock market indexes like the S&P 500 and provides tax-free growth through a ‘participation rate’ ranging from 608% annually. The best part? If the market takes a downturn, you wouldn’t lose money as the participation rate would be null at 0%. It may sound too good to be true but savvy investors have been using this investment for decades.

What is Index Universal Life Insurance?

Index Universal Life insurance can help protect a family’s standard of living or help fund a child’s education in the event of the death of the insured. The policy also offers options to change death benefit amounts or adjust premium payment within certain limitations.

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Multi-Purpose Protection

Customers should cover all their bases when preparing for the future. Should they pass away unexpectedly, they want their loved ones to receive a death benefit to help replace lost income, pay off debt, or cover living expenses. Additionally, your Index Universal Life Insurance policies could accumulate cash value that may be accessed in retirement to help meet their needs.

What are the Benefits of IUL Insurance?

One of the most attractive features of an IUL is the ability to take advantage of stock market returns without the risk of loss. And it does so while building up a death benefit that your beneficiaries will receive tax-free.

Unlimited Contributions

Tax-Free Growth and Distributions

Use at any time

Tax-Free Retirement

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