Medicare Options Explained

You want Medicare coverage that fits the way you live and helps you achieve your health goals. With the right guidance, choosing your Medicare plan can be easy. Let us help you find the coverage that meets your total health needs.

Is a Medicare Supplement Right for you?

Medigap is Medicare Supplement Insurance that helps fill “gaps” in Original Medicare and is sold by private companies. Original Medicare pays for much, but not all, of the cost for covered health care services and supplies. A Medicare Supplement Insurance (Medigap) policy can help pay some of the remaining health care costs, like deductibles, copays and coinsurance.

Is a Medicare Advantage Plan Right for you?

Medicare Advantage plans offer 3 advantages: cost, coverage and convenience with additional benefits not offered by Original Medicare. Learn more about Medicare Advantage plans and see if they are right for you.

Learn More about Prescription Drug Coverage Part D

Prescription drug plans (PDPs) cover your medications but offer no medical coverage. Part D plans are offered by private insurance companies that are approved by Medicare.

Compare affordable Medicare Plans available in your area

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